Want Your Floors to Stand Out?

Find out if you should get floor staining services in the Eagle, Meridian & Boise, Idaho area

If you're unsure about what stain you want on your floors, pros at Colt's Contracting can help. Choose your favorite stain from one of our Bona pamphlets, or use our custom staining chart to pick a unique color.

Once you decide on your shade, we'll sand down your floor and refinish it before applying a large stain sample so you can see how the color looks with your current décor. Love what you see? Then we'll go ahead with the work.

Call 208-789-7806 now to schedule custom staining services in or around Eagle, Meridian & Boise, Idaho.

Know the pros and consof staining your floor

Before starting a floor staining project, consider that stain can:


  • Transform the look of your room - a stain can transform the size appearance of your room depending on the color
  • Add contrast to your home's aesthetic - make your furniture stand out by choosing a color that complements it
  • Erase any previous scratches - our team will sand and refinish your floor before adding a stain so you get a fresh look




To learn more about how floor staining can affect the look of your home, contact our team in Eagle, Meridian & Boise, Idaho today.