Flush Mount Vents vs Self-Rim or Metal



Flush mount vents are a great addition to any hardwood floor.  If you are having your floors refinished, now is the time to add them.  Due to the fact that there is a height difference when installed, sanding is required.


The only drawback to flush mount vents is their cost.  Self rim vents and metal registers are not as expensive but don't have as clean of a look.  Self rim vents are wood vents that sit on top of the floor and are not cut into the floor.  In the past, when customers have opted for metal vents, I have seen them spray painted to better match different stained floors.


A lot of installers don't know that the top of a flush mount vent is actually bigger than the bottom of the vent.  So the best way to trace the outline of the vent to be cut into an existing floor is to place the vent upside down and then mark it.  This will give you a clear line to cut so the new vent will fit tight with minimal gaps.  Oscillating multi-tools work best for this type of cut as you can really control the cut.  Cutting vents in after the fact can take up some time though, so make sure meeting a certain deadline will not be an issue.


If you are in the Boise, Idaho area and need flush mount vents added to your floor contact us today!  We have extensive experience in refinishing and installation.  We have the tools and know-how to complete any project.  We look forward to speaking with you!