Hardwood Refinishing Tricks



While you could write an entire book on tricks to this business, here are just a few pointers and things to look out for.


A common thing I've noticed when being called out to an older floor that has been sanded before me is nail lines.  Nail lines occur when the sanding machine runs over a nail or staple and knocks all the minerals and grit off in that section of the paper.  Consequently, this is then transferred to the floor and you can see lines all the way down the sanding pass where the wood was not sanded with that section of the sand paper.  It is very important to always check the floor thoroughly before sanding by running a scraper across the entire floor.  This is especially important if it is a much older floor or if it has had carpet over it at some point.  When there is carpet placed on top of the hardwood, the carpet pad is stapled to the floor and it is really easy to miss a few staples here and there.


As I've touched on in previous posts, filling of gaps should only be done if the gaps are not caused by seasonal changes.  The filling of seasonal gaps creates a problem when the wood moves and the gaps close.  It causes the filler to be either pushed out or damage the boards so next year there will be an even bigger gap.


When it comes to sanding a hardwood floor, scratches are the enemy.  I am not referring to the scratches that are in the floor from being lived on, I am referring to the scratches transferred onto the floor from the sandpaper.  it is very important to understand what kind of scratch pattern the machine being used creates, as well as the type of mineral being used on the sand paper.  It is amazing how different species of woods scratch differently and how everything can look great until stain or finish is applied.  This is why it is extremely important to hire someone that isn't simply going through the motions, but however, is looking at the floor every step of the way.


Sanding and finishing hardwood floors is an art.  It is a craft that takes several years to master.  If you have a hardwood sanding project and you are located in the Boise or Meridian area, call us today.  We would greatly enjoy the opportunity to put eyes on your project and walk you through your options.


Thanks for reading!