The Ins and Outs of Glue



Is glue right for your project?  Not every hardwood floor requires glue, but when used correctly, it makes for a very stable floor.


Usually the main determining factor on if glue is needed is not is the width of the material or the type of subfloor it is being adhered to.  In general, if the width of the material is 5 inches or more, glue is recommended.  Also, if the floor is being installed on top of concrete, then glue is the obvious choice as nails cannot be used.  However, if an extremely stable floor with little movement and sound is desired, glue might be the best bet for you.


The main thing to remember when working with glue is to keep everything as clean as possible.  Glue can be extremely difficult to remove, so the cleaner the better.  Some glues are more forgiving when it comes to clean up, so keep that in mind when selecting a glue for your project.  Saline based glues tend to me more forgiving.  The next thing to make sure is done is prepare the sub-floor correctly.  A clean and level subfloor is key to a good looking and stable hardwood floor.  The last thing you want to do is be removing staples or nails once you've troweled glue over the area.


Next, you want to make sure the glue you are using is designed for the material you are trying to adhere.  Some materials don't work well with certain glues.  It is important to check with a professional and the manufacturer to make sure the glue selected is right for the job.  After that, you want to make sure the correct trowel is used to apply the glue.  Every glue has an approximate spread rate required for best results.  Using the proper trowel will ensure that the glue is being spread at the desired rate.  Most glues also have a moisture barrier aspect built in to them as well so that is always a bonus.


All in all, keep your job clean and make sure you are using the correct product and you should have no issues.  Keep in mind that glue tends to add up to a $1.00 per square foot and requires significantly more labor.


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