Tricks of Installing a Harwood Floor



When installing a hardwood floor, there are many tricks that make the job faster and easier.  These tricks all provide a better product and make the job less labor intensive.


One trick I like to use when installing hardwood floors is to use a string line to ensure that the first few rows are straight.  This is extremely important when lacing in a new section.  If the new floor being tied to the old floor doesn't line up properly, by the time you get across the room the difference will grow causing the floor to not line up at all.  If it is a new install you more then likely wont be able to tell the floor isn't straight by eye, but it is good practice to be as straight as possible.  There are also lasers on the market that can provide a guide for the first few rows.  A trick I like to use when working alone, is to tap a nail slightly into the board that is down the row and hang my chalk line off that.  This way you don't need anyone to hold the other end.


Another thing I like to do when there is an object on both sides of the room that require the material to be tight against, is I will do field cuts.  This method allows you to start the row from both sides of the room assuring the boards are hit tight against both objects.  You then make your cut in the middle of the room.  If there is a slight gap from this cut, it won't be as noticeable once filled if it's in the middle of the room instead of being against a transition piece.


One thing I like to do as well when I am a few rows away from something that will require a board to be slid underneath of it, such as a door jam, is I will put that board in first and slide it back as far as I can.  this allows me to put the rows before it in and simply slide the row tucked under the door jam into the adjoining rows.  Trying to slip it underneath the door jam when there is a row nailed down right against the door jam is almost next to impossible and you will likely damage the material or the door jam.


If you are out there attempting to do this on your own, I hope this post helped.  If you are in the process of doing it yourself and you are in need of professional assistance, give us a call today!  We will glasly come finish the project for you to ensure it is correctly done.


Thanks for reading!