Our Beliefs

Here at Colt's Contracting we believe in doing what's right; even if it's harder. In fact, some of the best outcomes hide behind the hardest of obstacles. We are well versed in the common obstacles in the industry and know how to tackle them. This is what makes us one of Boise, Idaho's best hardwood installer/re-finishers around.

Through over a decade of hands on experience and formal training in the hardwood industry, we have figured out the best ways to overcome these obstacles. This experience is not 1 year of experience repeated 10 times, it is 10 years of trying new things and growing as craftsman. The sweat equity between the two is substantial.

We are not afraid of hard work, as that is what separates us from the pack. Through strict quality control and the use of superior products and materials, we are capable of achieving any outcome desired.

We are not afraid to tell you the truth either. If something is going to take longer to do or is physically not possible, we will tell you. We don't believe in telling people what they want to hear just to get in the door, only for them to later be disappointed in the results.